Europe Direct Región de Murcia

Uno de los puntos de la red de centros de información europea en la UE gestionados por la Comisión Europea


Europe Direct Information Centres, EDIC, is an information network run by the European Commission. Its goal is to bring the EU closer to all citizens and to provide a local forum to raise awareness and encourage dialogue on European policies. This network is composed of more than 500 offices in 27 countries.

In the European Information Centre Europe Direct Región de Murcia citizens can find:

  • Answers to their questions about EU policies and actions, as well as European financing opportunities for their projects.
  • Information and wide circulation of EU activities through documentation, publications, conferences, meetings, seminars and media information services. 
  • Advisory information services for European projects. 

We have very specialized staff and suitable technical resources such as:

  • Phones and computer equipment to consult European information sources.
  • European Satellite TV. ​
  • Space for consulting documentation, video projections and meetings.

We receive support from:

  • The network of Europe Direct information relays throughout Europe.
  • The Europe Direct contact centre and its Internet services, e-mail and free-of-charge number 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11, reachable from any of the 28 member States.
  •  The European Commission services: The Directorate General for Press, The European Commission Representation in Spain and The Publishing Service.

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